breeding cattery - british shorthair cats

Kittens - informations


Our kittens leave our cattery at the age of minimum 13 weeks. They will be microchiped, twice vaccinated,regularly dewormed, playful, used to common household life, cleanly and sociable. Vaccination againts rabies depends on the agreement with new owners. You will receive a contract, pedegree, pet passport, CD with photos of baby and package with favourite toys and food, which kitten is used, and it makes its way to the new home as comfortable as possible.
We are breeding kittens only with pedegree. It doesn´t obligate new owners to visit shows, but it gives you certainty that it is cat and breed, which you choosed.
We would like to stay in contact with all new owners and we would like to help them with anything concerning our babies.
We are looking for careful and loving owners for our kittens, who will love them, make them happy as same as ourselves. It is very important for us to know the owners and help them with breeding, answer their questions concerning the lives of kittens or help them with choosing their small baby. But you must to remember, to have a pet – it is obligation and joy for many years not for a few months.
We want to find for our kittens a loving home as pets and we will sell kittens for breeding only when we will have chance to know breeders very well.